Precision Drives Everything

Universal Circuits is Now a Division of Advanced Circuits!

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Advanced Circuits, an industry innovator for many years in the commercial PCB arena, continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the high-reliability, military/ aerospace/defense, and high technology marketplace. The acquisition will enable Advanced Circuits and Universal Circuits to further refine their core competencies and immediately begin offering expanded services to their customer bases.

UCI has the staff, technology and experience to provide you with the highest-quality circuit boards for advanced or special applications. Every board must meet exact customer specifications and have "added value."

  • On-time, "Just in Time" delivery
  • Quick turnaround, 2-10 days
  • Small lot sizes (1-50 pieces)
  • Medium volume to 20,000 pieces a year
  • Consistency and reliability of product
  • Testing and industry-specific certifications
  • Flexible manufacturing and custom stocking programs